Small Window

From how many years away
have we been
approaching each other?

For all that time
before I knew you,
I did not worry
if our conversation would become
the truth we didn't know
we needed.

Today, seeing you through
this small window,
I remember how beautiful you are
talking about architecture.



here; your history

without any sense of loss,
i leave this
here; your history.
it doesn't await your departure,
for the echo of your steps from the east
reminds me you never return--
you only arrive.

how else recognize
the openness of
the mirror?


. . .

this delighted
with my confusion,
i know why petals fall
the way they do.


meet in the way

photo by: moontriangle

With more than stillness
the grass drags us
into the belly
of our belonging.
We speak into the ear
of shadow
and know
we'll meet in the way
we've never parted.


as well

it's not enough
to know the truth;
you have to not
know it as well.


no hope

through all the silence,
i hope you hear my thanks;
but i no longer hope with you--
touching a river,
the ocean responds.