eyes-wide dreamy wonderment

Yesterday I saw my friend's baby in the hospital. 2.2 kilograms of life power. No name yet. Mouth wide open, pushing her voice through the soundproof glass. Where we all come from. 4 days in this world. Has not seen a car yet. Doesn't yet know that single malt whiskey and the other beauties of the world exist. Moon? Road? Grass? Coffee? No wonder children are the model for eyes-wide dreamy wonderment.


insect stupa ii


insect stupa


map practice

In the meantime, get a map of the shikoku route, punch a hole at each temple, shine a light through and mark the dots on the layout of Lotus Lantern. Using rocks, twigs and leaves, build the 1,600 km at the edge of your toes. At every gate, sing the sanskrit pop-song of perfect wisdom. Carry a drop of water to each of their oceans. Bow and wash them clean.

With nowhere to go

and no time to get there,

i open my hands;

the universe pours

in and out.


. . .

i want to understand,
but it's not important
that i be understood.


. . .

as you enter seclusion
i bury a piece on the GO board
in incense.


--the muse mail

"it was written decades ago,
merely delivered just now."

born lost

'Will nobody
explain what it is like
to be born lost?'

a nobody,
i will.

it is to search
through the smoke,
meeting unrecognizable eyes
in the mirror.

sharing the glance--
we wink.

arriving from nowhere,
our hands are full of maps
on fire.

we read the fragility
written in ash

. . .